Top licensed Dentists in Newport 2023

Oraldot is the point of oral glow. Therefore, if you are a resident of Newport, this blog post about dentists in Newport is a perfect fit for you.

Your dental health should be cared for at all costs. And having the right dental care to take care of your oral health is a clever approach.

Top dentists in Newport

Sit tight and learn about these awesome dentists that strive in giving you the outstanding oral glow you deserve;

Bupa Dental Care Bassaleg


This has one of the top dentists in Newport. Bupa Dental Care Bassaleg was established in the year 1987.

They offer a range of NHS and private services and emergency appointments.

Their Services

  1. Check-up
  2. Crowns
  3. Dentures
  4. Root canal
  5. Simple X-ray
  6. Surgical Tooth Extraction
  7. Teeth Whitening
  8. Tooth Filling
  9. White Fillings
  10. Invisalign

Address: 6A Caerphilly Rd, Bassaleg, Newport NP10 8LE, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633893451

Cox & Hitchcock Dental Group


They take great pleasure in providing a wide variety of dental services at their offices.

Also, they can offer various kind of treatments, from simple dental care to complicated care like dental implants and cosmetic treatment plans.

Their Services

  1. Check-ups
  2. Hygiene
  3. Children’s Dentistry
  4. Root Canal
  5. Oral Surgery
  6. Fillings
  7. Crowns
  8. Bridges
  9. Dentures
  10. Veneers

Address: 67 Cardiff Rd, Newport NP20 2EN, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633258385

 Devon Place 7 Day Dental Practice


Their dental office provides great dental care to both private and Denplan patients, and they can arrange for private home visits in the Newport & Gwent area.

The dentists at Devon Place 7 Day Dental Practice in Newport are committed to providing top-notch dental care at the most reasonable price.

Their Services

  1. Teeth Whitening
  2. Veneers
  3. Crowns
  4. Bridges
  5. Air Polish
  6. Adult Orthodontics
  7. Implants
  8. Dentures
  9. oral examination
  10. Invisalign

Address: 52 Devon Pl, Newport NP20 4NU, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633252238

Newport Dental Care


To assist you make an informed decision and provide high-quality care, they stay up to speed on the most recent dental procedures and expertise.

They are one of the top dentists in Newport. Their method of providing dental care is centered on disease prevention to reduce the need for active treatment of disease.

In order to accomplish this, they urge all of their patients to attend regularly and bring their children with them from a young age, allowing for the early identification and treatment of any possible issues.

Their Services

  1. White Fillings
  2. Periodontal / Gum Treatment
  3. Root Canal Treatment
  4. Crowns
  5. Tooth Replacement
  6. Tooth Whitening
  7. Mouthguards

Address: 48 Malpas Rd, Newport NP20 5PB, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633857351

Malpas Dental Care


They are a dental practice based in Newport, in Wales, providing an exceptional range of top quality dentistry and patient care.

Their personal approach to dentistry is focused on service and founded in expertise.

Their Services

  1. Crowns
  2. Bridges
  3. Dentures
  4. Dental implants
  5. Oral surgery
  6. Invisalign
  7. Teeth whitening
  8. Stain removal

Address: 442 Malpas Rd, Newport NP20 6WE, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633853866

 Kensington Court Clinic


Kensington Court Clinic was established in Newport, South Wales as an independent center in 1993. It stands out among the top dentists in Newport.

Their Services

  1. Dental Check-Up
  2. Dental Extractions
  3. Root Canal Treatments
  4. Crowns and Bridges
  5. Dentures
  6. Dental Implants
  7. Dental Veneers
  8. Fillings/White Fillings

Address: 197 Chepstow Rd, Newport NP19 8GH, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633279992

Isca Dental


Newport, South Wales-based Isca Dentistry is a cutting-edge private dental office.

Their private dentists have the knowledge and abilities to meet the needs of the entire family as a group of certified dental care specialists based in Newport.

Their Services

  1. Dental Implants,
  2. Cosmetic Bonding
  3. Teeth Whitening
  4. General Oral Care
  5. Routine Check-ups.
  6. Smile Makeovers

Address: Cadoc House, High St, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1AZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +441633430155


We realize the difficulty associated with making the right choice when looking for a dentist you can entrust your oral care. Thus one of the reasons for this write-up.

The above-listed dentists are qualified to make you cruise in the pool of oral glow. Do not hesitate to reach out through the contact addresses.


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